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                            “INCREDIBLE FOOD 🤩”       “10/10 RECOMMEND 😋”        “SUCH A VIBE 💖”    “YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS 🔥”       “FOOD IS 💯”       “THE BEST BAR 😍”

                            “INCREDIBLE FOOD 🤩”       “10/10 RECOMMEND 😋”        “SUCH A VIBE 💖”    “YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS 🔥”       “FOOD IS 💯”       “THE BEST BAR 😍”

Our Aim

At FoodSnapp our aim is to make food more sociable, our app users can upload photos, videos and stories of food in their favourite restaurants. We ask all our app users to give an honest and genuine review of each place they visit and along the way they can make friends, gain followers and recommend places to eat and drink.

Advertising with FoodSnapp

If you are a restaurant, café or bar and would like to promote your establishment or have a special promotion you would like to share with our app users please follow the 3 easy steps:


Create an account as an app user in the name of your restaurant, café or bar.


Create a story and post it onto the app.


Login to the Advertisers section on the website where you will see your story then decide on the radius you wish to cover, up to 10 miles or 500 miles for a flat daily rate.

How To Do It

Whichever radius you choose we will guarantee your story will appear between user stories giving you the maximum exposure to our users.

We encourage you to make your story stand out with good imagery, music and a simple but effective punch line. Let our users feel special and exclusive to your promotions.

You can advertise for as many days as you like, but for the most effective campaign we suggest a minimum of 14 days.

How Does It Work?


Click on the ‘+’ sign in the menu bar


Click "Ad"


Create your ad and follow the payment method